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    basketball shorts
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  1. Horny af Kik me @ bballbro19

  2. Basketball Shorts

    Your best option might be a big retailer like Amazon that would ship internationally. i've heard basketball isn't really popular over there, so bball shorts are hard to get :/
  3. Silkiest Basketball Shorts?

    http://www.kmart.com/athletech-men-s-basketball-shorts/p-046B013521190001P i have these, they're really silky, but only on the outside.
  4. Silky shorts fetish

    kik me bballbro19
  5. Silky shorts fetish

    any guys into silky bball shorts, pm me for kik
  6. Silky shorts fetish

    Love silky bball shorts. Pm me for Skype
  7. Basketball Shorts

    Freeballing in them to bed is sooo good If any guys want to talk about bball shorts more, feel free to message me!
  8. Basketball Shorts

    Do any other guys get turned on by the feeling of smooth, shiny basketball shorts down there? Especially if you wear them without underwear or as boxers
  9. Jacking Off

    rub my basketball shorts all over my d**k