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  1. bobal00
  2. AE, Hollister and Under Armour are my holy trinity. But I have also discovered Oakley makes some pretty rad Boxers and BBS recently too
  3. Same here...I went from boxers and briefs to mainly bbs and compression shorts now. Although I have recently began to fall back in love with briefs...lol
  4. he gets naked and sags a bunch on chaturbate too...too bad he talks...
  5. same here guys. love trading pics of sagging, undies or whatever bobalewe@gmail.com or bobal00 is my kik. just be over 18.
  6. Well from talking to a few people here in the chatroom, I have bought a few toys. I picked up a flesh jack and a few skins for it as well as an aneros. Fleshjacks are awesome as long as you get the right skin for your willy. Your size, girth and sensitivity will determine which one feels best. I just googled the model that interested me most and read reviews...so much research for getting off...lol. I only just recently got an Aneros. I really like it, but it is not a dildo...keep that in mind. lol
  7. I really need to step up my game on euro brands though. Jack wills, Bjorn Bjorg et. al...Any good tips on where to get them but not pay through the nose?
  8. check out the photo in my profile...lol This is the only time/place and forum I can say I have hundreds of pairs of underwear and everyone will think that's normal...lol I mainly have bbs...maybe 200+ I also have maybe 50+ pair of briefs and less that 50 pair of boxers. Most are colored or print and I have less than 10 pair of plain white. The brands I have are: Under Armour, Hollister, CK, AE, Diesel, 2xist, Evolve, Cin2, Gap, Old Navy, Ginch Gonch and a few others. No FTL or Hanes.
  9. I don't think Ive ever donated any to GoodWill, but I have bought a pair or 2 from there. They had some Calvins and American Eagle they had just sorted through or whatever for 2 bucks a piece. And if some are too worn...I just use em for a cleanup rag. No use killin all those trees for tissues...lol
  10. I have a ton of pairs, so they tend not to get worn out that quick, but if they do, or if a style just isn't doing it for me (like a few months back where I was convinced I'd never wear briefs again) I usually find them a good home through gifting, or even selling them in some cases. I hate just throwing them away. It's like taking all those good times you had in those lucky Calvins and just tossing those memories away...lol
  11. Just a friendlyinvitation to my Tumblr now that it is up and running and chocked with content. http://whatsunderwhere.tumblr.com/

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    2. boaloo


      Thanks Manni...that is definitely a compliment coming from you! ;)

    3. Sharppencil


      WOW!!! Your tumblr is damn hot!!!

    4. boaloo


      well the pics are definitely is tailored to my boys here on saggerworld for sure. ;)

  12. I only toss mine if the waistband is buckling too. that and holes. no holes!
  13. http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/47918-under-armour-and-hollister/ http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/47917-/ These are 2 of my underwear drawers...I have like 1 1/2 more, but its all stuff I rarely wear or am slowly selling off. These drawers I pick from every day....especially the UA and hollister drawer.
  14. I'm kind of the same yellowdots. At first I unintentionally was matching my outfit with my undies and now I pretty much do it on purpose. Whenever I show off my sag I like it to match my shirt, or my shoes. I usually change 2ce a day at least. Once for work (usually a compression or bbs) and then if I go workout or go hang with friends, and then I change into boxers for sleepytime. With all the underwear I have and changing a couple of times a day I definately have a selection. I could prolly wear a pair a day for a year and not wear the same pair! lol