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  • Location Melbourne, Australia
  • Biography 18 years old and live in Melbourne
  • Interests Gaming, Basketball, Meeting with Mates, drinking, and sagging of course
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  1. Danemark saggers

      This was one of the first sagging videos I saw on the internet; then one thing lead to another, and I found this site
  2. Swearing

      yeah c*** that what we do in aussie
  3. Girl Saggers?

    I think it's f***Ing hot. It combines the two things that make me horny, which can't be a bad thing
  4. Sag height front/butt

      Ah, thanks. I was starting to think it meant basketball shorts. Big help
  5. Justin Bieber news tumblr

    Based on the pics, he seems to be not sagging as low as usual. Has something happened that I don't know about?
  6. Video Games

      I'm a big PC minecraft player as well, just PM me and we can set something up man. 
  7. Who Here Likes Sagging And Humping?

      Oh I definitely did 
  8. Swimming

    Haha, thanks Lee. You should try it and then post pics ðŸ˜
  9. WP 20150719 09 40 44 Raw

    From the album Sagging on Holiday

  10. WP 20150719 09 40 38 Raw

    From the album Sagging on Holiday

  11. WP 20150719 09 40 21 Raw

    From the album Sagging on Holiday

  12. WP 20150719 09 40 05 Raw

    From the album Sagging on Holiday

  13. WP 20150719 09 39 53 Raw

    From the album Sagging on Holiday

  14. WP 20150719 09 39 36 Raw

    From the album Sagging on Holiday

  15. WP 20150719 09 39 30 Raw

    From the album Sagging on Holiday