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  1. Odd Underwear

    I have a good number of old underwear that I dont wear and looking to sell. Message me if your interested, mostly they are American Eagle Boxer shorts. If anyone knows anywhere else i can try to get rid of them please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Dylan Dauzat

    From his snapchat
  3. Tyler's Sagging Videos

  4. The switch

    Went from loose boxers to boxer briefs around age 14 around age 18 start wearing boxers again now i switch daily depends on how im feeling.

  6. ?
  7. Ian Thomas

    Found this today not sure if someone as already posted but people are saying he is the next Justin Bieber.
  8. Underwear History

    Briefs-after diapers til bout 7 Boxers -7 to present Boxer briefs- 12 to present Compression shorts - 12 to present Trunks - 15 to present Present compression shorts about 50% of the time boxer Briefs- 49% of the time Others (Trunks and Boxers) 1% of the time
  9. Sochi Snowboarding Saggers At about the 2:40
  10. the guy at about 10 seconds in
  11. Who Are These Guys?

    Not sure who they are but if anyone does could you please let me know?
  12. At What Age Did You Start Jacking Off?

    11-12ish dont remember really but pretty sure was around that age

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