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  1. M'y first sagging

    nice sag man ! u should def try saggin below ass nd take pics of u saggin while smokin !
  2. IMG_9576.PNG

    holy ****.... so hot dude
  3. Hey, you're such a stud. I'd love to trade pics with you sometime on kik. ;)


  4. Hova-crappy music-great sag

    great sag nd hot dude ! to bad his music nd dancin suck
  5. Dude, you are so fu*ken hot!! Love your sag!! 

  6. DoeMaarGamen - YouTuber

    hot and funny ! just wish he didnt pull up his pants as much
  7. new album up , make sure to check it out !

  8. Smoking

    How old were you when you first started to smoke? 14 How did you get your first cigarette? A friend How old are you now? 17 Are you still a smoker? Hell yeah What brand do you smoke? Marlboro reds, sometimes Newports. How many do you smoke a day? Depends whatsup that day lol usually half a pack Boxers or boxer briefs? Prefer boxers but wear boxer briefs from time to time. pics of me smoking when i was 15 vs this year
  9. just uploaded a new album , waiting for approval 

  10. had a super hot smoke-sag cam sesh with tomass... all i can say is it was hot... even tho i wuz cold lol 

  11. still figurin out how to use the new site , still lovin it tho !

    1. Rekhel


      Don't hesitate to ask ! Or if there are things that annoy you just say it, maybe we can change some things to improve the users experience :)

  12. hey

    good for you! wish i had the courage to haha

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