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    Just a 24 year old guy from The Netherlands who likes to sag :). Follow me on Instagram: wetsaggerboynick
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    Sagging, getting wet, messy, muddy and piss.
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  1. Messy sags

    Messy sags
  2. Daily Sags

    Just sag pics of me sagging
  3. Any teachers?

    I started sagging when I was in high school (about the age of 14) and during the years my pants got lower and lower. Since I was about 16 or 17 I sag below butt. In high school I sometimes got comments as 'pull your pants up' but I just didn't do it. I just loved it. I still sagged during college. Even though I studied to become a teacher. Nowadays I'm sagging on my job as well (as a teacher) but mostly halfass of 3/4. Sometimes the students/children say something like 'I can see your underwear (while smiling)' as I bend over or write someting on the blackboard. I always comment something like 'I sometimes can see your underwear as well' or 'That happens, you'll see it more often'. I never got problems with it so I continue wearing my pants the way I like it. When I'm not working I always sag below butt.
  4. Wet, dirty & other fun

    Totally agree. I do that as well and I almost never get comments. And if I do it's kinda a turn on for me
  5. Poolparty May 2017

    Sagging and getting wet at the poolparty in may 2017
  6. Guys Pissing

    Few days ago (as you may have seen on my instagram)
  7. What do you wear to swim and why?

    For All saggers that like to get wet in their clothes, I created a Kik group 'wet saggers'. Join if you want to!
  8. Guys Pissing

    Rawr!!!!! Very very hot
  9. What do you wear to swim and why?

    I swim in whatever I'm wearing. Even jeans, sneakers and so on
  10. Guys Pissing

    I wouldn't mind pissing All over your outfit and sag ;-)
  11. New sagging holiday pics are on their way! Got the sag outfit completely wet in the sea as well! Some of the pics Will be available When they're approved!

  12. Holiday 2017

  13. Waiting for some holiday sag pics to be approved...

  14. Waiting for approval of my beach sag pic and some wet sag pics

  15. Wet sags at the Poolparty 3 april 2017

    Some wet sags at the pool party in Kootwijk

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