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  1. I let someone borrow my car and they accidentally backed up into the garage door... my car is perfectly fine tho hahaha #ripgaragedoor


  2. Can't wait for my new undies to come 😏 So excited!

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    2. saggbboo


      Here's just a sample... I have to take a lot more lol


    3. CJS90


      hot saggbboo :P

    4. qAngelp


      <3 O <3

      Sexy AF

  3. Sometimes naked... sometimes in my underwear... but mostly a really large t shirt (x large) and underwear... hahahaha like all white girls.
  4. Nike and Adidas... those are some good bball shorts
  5. Oh you snakes 🐍
  6. Lmao is it bad that idc about socks? Like they just socks... I sometimes wear two different socks cuz I'm like "no one gonna see these anyway... it's not like my sag" hahaha
  7. Personally I like boxer shorts over briefs becuase my 🦆 gets uncomfortable in some boxer briefs... but if they look good on me I just deal with it... overall boxer shorts are the way to go!
  8. Hahahahaha well then... can't argue with that. But why do so many gay guys become priests? Like doesn't the "bible" say they evil? Tsk tsk they just in denial like the Russians.
  9. Me personally I would say American Eagle for boxer shorts. But for boxer briefs: Calvin Klein or Active Ride Shop... and for either or I would say: Polo Ralph Lauren
  10. I need those boxers!!! I have been looking everywhere for these! Seriously! 😂
  11. Do I now? Hahaha I doubt that.. I think it's because I'm swinging toward conservative in my politics... other than that I don't think I do. About 1:20 is me lmao
  12. So the other day I happened to stumble upon a former ex bf on Facebook of mine from like 6-8 months ago. Anyways it turns out I must have been so bad that he turned to Jesus and went "straight"... and ironically this was not the first time this has happened to me either. I guess this means I should stop dating people, turning them into priests and whatnot. 😂 What are your thoughts?
  13. In regards to question of this thread I wouldn't fight cuz I don't care about y'all haha... everybody for themselves.
  14. Dillon I think he is referring to the "draft" like in Vietnam war, so being "forced" to fight rather than volunteering too.
  15. Bored at work... 

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    2. speedlimit85


      yeah, I can't really do that where I work. But, usually by this time I can get away with surfing the galleries on here, because my co-workers leave earlier than me...

    3. Lee249


      If you're bored pull your trousers down and snap some pics for us haha :P 

    4. saggbboo


      @Lee249 that was like Wednesday hahaha... Friday's I have off.