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  1. My Weird Vacuum Video...

    You can also watch this video on ... But you will need a subscription for that...
  2. My Weird Vacuum Video...

    I only upload vids once... after they get taken down I don't share them publically.
  3. My Weird Vacuum Video...

    And someone on here flagged it for review... So I know it had to come from someone on here.
  4. Real Talk Video

    Watch it to the end... You will find some nice things.
  5. Hello you ;)

  6. My Weird Vacuum Video...

    It is unlisted... You won't be able to find it unless you use the link.
  7. Saggerworlds choice

    I see a bra... put that on instead. You headless horseman ;)
  8. Odd YouTube viewers

    I think the reason that happens is cuz they can't expressed that openly over there... if you catch my drift.
  9. Odd YouTube viewers

    Lmao yes!!! When I was on YouTube a while back I had like 50% of my viewers from there!
  10. Flameboard and I need Spanish help

    I know his handwriting is horrible...
  11. Lil Danno

    Looks like mine lol... just not black
  12. So the other day I was looking for saggers... and somehow I came upon three things of interest. The first was two sagging photos. I have attached those for your enjoyment. Secondly, I came across this weird ass book called "Sam the Sagger" it is on Amazon: I found some previews on Google Books... I have attached some of the pages below... Then the last one they show for free is a "weirdo with best pulled up pants" getting a "congratulations for best worker award." A load of bull snake right there... But the last thing I came across was the weirdest **** of all. Basically, they are foxes with sagging pants. So if you into furry ****... I put some examples below, there are pages of this stuff... Anyways just thought I would share this with you all. Have a great day!
  13. Black skinny ripped jeans

    They probably thought you were a total weirdo.
  14. Me saggin

    Tone the hoe down just a tad bit and these would be great...

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