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  1. ck

  2. Dude you like described me. Like it's uncanny...
  3. I'm such a tease. Snake?

  4. 2 straight guys that are coming out the closet

    Now that's hot. 45 year old men... mmm mmm MMM! Yummy! hahahaha I have a thing for older men.
  5. I hate guys in boxer briefs... like ugh why!?!?!

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    2. saggbboo


      8 hours ago, wesleyhill said:

      I agree,i hate em cause their likesuper tight and who wants other 9pl staring at ur junk

      And some of them put their fingers near their hole! Like da f? Don't do that weirdo. I dont want your ass

    3. wesleyhill


      Same,someone was supposed 2 send me their sag poc and he sent me a pic of his hairt ass crak loke that aunt a sag so i blocked him

    4. wesleyhill


      It was disgusting

  6. I never liked you in the first place lol! 😂😂😂
  7. oh please... training in tights and dancing on their tippy toes. Sounds like cake and chicken.

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