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    24. Straight but have a fettish for sagging!
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  1. Italian Sagger Ad

    I came across a gif of part of this video on Tumblr and, after a bit of searching around, found the full video! SO many awesome sags. It's in Italian (which I don't speak) but that's fiiiiiine. Haha.
  2. Trading underwear?

    Yo count me in!
  3. I made a Kik group for straight saggers called "StraightSaggers"! Add yourselves!
  4. Should I sell my old boxers?

    Include sizes too! Just to be safe.
  5. longboard

    Nice sag, bro! Ever sag in loose boxers like this?
  6. JOI?

    Kind of.
  7. JOI?

    Not necessarily. It can literally just be just a voice coaxing you to jerk off; regardless if they're jerking off or not. Though, agreed. Someone could be jerking off while they're trying to get someone else off, etc...So I do see what you're saying too.
  8. JOI?

    No, no. Not really. It's pretty much just a person guiding you to cum. "Now do this..."..."STOP"...."OKAY CUM!"....etc..
  9. Anyone in Barcelona? Let's hang out and sag together.

    1. Pol
    2. zigger


      Si? Do you sag with loose boxers or boxer briefs? 

    3. Pol


      boxer briefs


  10. Fetishes

    Mine are loose boxers peeking over the top of shorts/pants. Not really into below the butt sags but more like preppy, careless guys who wear their pants a little saggy is just really a turn on. Think early 2000s and how it was the style all guys wore.
  11. JOI?

    Jack Off Instructions! Usually like an audio that guides someone to blow. Pretty fun!
  12. JOI?

    I really like JOI videos. So, if you'd like to make one for everyone, feel free to post it on this thread!
  13. 20160808_222200.jpg

    Hot sag! Do you have a Kik?
  14. The fifth.

    New Southern Tide boxers, AE jeans and Forever 21 shirt.
  15. The fourth.

    One of my favorite pairs of AE boxers and AE Khakis! Black shirt from Forever 21.

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