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    I love sagging especially in baggy or not so baggy sweatpants sometimes with long jons underneath(wen its cold) but usually just boxers or breifs. I like to sag under my a$$ and sometimes under my c**k on certain occasions
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    Sagging, sweatpant, smoking, chillin

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  1. A Or B?

    sweatpants all day sagging below crotch or above in public??
  2. Smoking

    first was 16 still smoke newports and sag sweatpants with breifs 23 now
  3. Female saggers

    i think its great wen a girl saggs. huge turn on for me
  4. Fetishes?

    sagging in sweat pants. the lower the better tight or loose boxers it dont matter to me. i love seeing the buldge love wen they saggin and got a super wedgie. love below the a$$ sagging everything just hanging out for all to enjoy

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