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    A teen that likes sagging and more! No longer a virgin! A Parkourist, and Youtuber!
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  1. shooting your spunk

    Another day, another lovely discussion with people like me to escape reality for some time.
  2. Boxers Tight Or Loose

    Tight, because it allows me to sag without the underwear going with the saggy pants
  3. image.jpg

    Can we make this a threesome? 😉
  4. A Or B?

    One direction, cause they are hot, while Justin is a slut
  5. Word Association Game

  6. OMG, wearing new and FIRST boxer briefers #BallsDontHurt

    This conversation is getting off track
  7. OMG, wearing new and FIRST boxer briefers #BallsDontHurt

  8. OMG, wearing new and FIRST boxer briefers #BallsDontHurt

    ok, oh and hey, has chat been working for you?
  9. Someone f**k my hot body! Sagging

    Why thank you...
  10. Someone f**k my hot body! Sagging

  11. First sage post

  12. Sagging in bed!

    I thought you were straight?
  13. Sagging in bed!

  14. Sex(y)

    lovely, just what i was looking for

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