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    At some point you just have to stop being ashamed of something you like.
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    Saggers, sagging, trashing sags with mud, piss, or gunge, hot sneakers and trashing them.
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  1. Who loves to piss in the pants?

    You should totally try tanking up a bit and just letting loose and soaking your sag. Feels so good... To answer the question though, not as much a fan of doing it in public, but I could be convinced if there were people doing it with me.
  2. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Been really getting into Diablo Swing Orchestra. They got a new CD coming out in December that I'm ******* hyped for!
  3. What Are You Watching Right Now

    Been rewatching Babylon 5 as of late, been in the mood for some cheesy 90s sci-fi.
  4. Introductions!

    Name: Mike Age: 27 Style: I have a style? Casual, I guess... Height: 5'9"/1.75m. Weight: 270lb./120kg. Sexuality: Mostly gay Hobbies: Gaming, anime/manga, most anything sci-fi, your typical nerd ****. Location: New York, USA

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