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  1. Just changed my profile picture ;) 

    1. Rekhel


      And it looks cool :)

  2. Anyone speak Dutch?

    He's just responding to hate reactions on his channel. Somebody called him gay and he stated out he's not. As the rest told him he got cancer and aids. He's making fun of them all. In the end of the video he's not really crying. Hope I helped you out. 
  3. Online nu. Stuur me kik ? 

  4. Pierced ears and earrings

    This is mine. Had it done 2 weeks ago lol.
  5. Truth or Dare [V2] 1 : theme

    Jumped 3 times aswell... Unfortunately I got no green stuff... 
  6. London.

  7. London.

    Hmm.. If I had to choose of those I'd be picking London xD 
  8. London.

    Lol. Clash of the nations? 😈
  9. London.

    I recall my answer lol. Won't be able to drive there with my leg all wrapped up lol
  10. London.

    Perhaps I might xD Can drive there )
  11. You and your other half

    Love the idea of this topic, although not that east as my "other half" hasn't arrived  yet xD 
  12. Any other str8 saggers wanna chat?

    I could talk to you if still interested although I'm not straight.. As you specifically ask from straight people .. 
  13. London.

    I think I'd kill myself... someone replied lol. Anyways Thx ☺ I'm not obliging anyone ☺ I will see how it goes.
  14. Just Watch

    They're speaking a little to fast for me to understand xp
  15. Just Watch

    I would be joining them for sure lol

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