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  1. At this moment I got a 29-30 ^^ very lucky I guess .
  2. Bonjour ! Je t'aime votré photo en général.  C'est très belle. Où tu habite en France ? Je croix que j'en visite France la été suivanté.  J'habiteà Flandre. 😊

  3. Oh. And you can always ask for my kik or something to send a picture. Would love to see that hahah x
  4. Oh darn it. It's way to far off to order some. Xd
  5. Wow. They look awesome. Quite colorful as I'm on my phone it's not that easy to check the website. Where's the brand from .?
  6. I really don't get this question. Why for the love of God would you tuck your underwear in your @$ ? I think that must be very uncomfortable.. like how do you even sag then ? Lol. Visualising it haha. Sagging half bottom with cheeks out in the open but still half in boxers hahah Love the way you think though have you ever tried it or doing it atm ? Perhaps thinking about it ? Let us know whenever you've found someone who does so xd
  7. Weird. I still can. ..
  8. Some are a bit sad but the third person is sagging quite low!
  9. Sagging mad low :) 


  10. Put up a new shot video on instagram. Be sure to like it ☺

    Aeno longsly.

  11. If you say so xp I know it's not far from Oxford Street and such so will have a lot of shopping to do haha. I also want to go to soho once. Any suggestions on what days are the best ?
  12. Thank you Jayce for the only one responding to my question. I've found a hotel now. It's located near Hyde park so only a few minutes away from piccadilly circus. Much appreciation for your help.
  13. Nice sag but omg.. what a voice. That is just horrible to listen to...
  14. Hey all. I'm going to return to London at the beginning of July. As some of you might have traveled there i need some help choosing a hotel. I'm still a student so I don't want it to be to expensive. I also need to pay my train ticket. I would like to go out once, perhaps with one of you. If anybody knows some nice hotel (at least with a good room and breakfast), I would be very pleased. Please help me out on my search guys. Could really use a hand on this one. The one hotel I used to go to is fully booked. THANK YOU in advance. Hoping on your support. You can add comment underneath this topic, no need to send private messages. Sincerely,
  15. What's his name I think he has the same name as I do