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  1. He talked about his pants at 2:45 in this video
  2. I kinda want to make a new sagging youtube channel. I had one a few years ago, I miss showing off my sag.

    1. canttell
    2. flameboard


      Look forward to seeing it!

  3. He only shows the waistband but his friend has a nice sag
  4. "This low"
  5. kik is 1rsagger

  6. Just posted a video I'm really proud of on 


  7. It's not in English but the one kid is sagging and sitting on his boxers. The sag is shown more once he takes off his jacket at around 4:20
  8. I wish people would hold cameras horizontal.
  9. I'm going to be more active on this site. It's honestly one of my favorite websites ever. 

  10. I've only seen this report. What was the other report about?
  11. I just uploaded some new photos. Hopefully they'll be approved soon.

  12. I want to talk with more saggers. Please message me if you want to talk sagging.

  13. kik is 1rsagger

  14. He turned 18 today