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  1. Haha oh you guys... lol
  2. So I just released this video is over 2 years ago. I thought it was recent haha...
  3. Under Armor Makes some great bball shorts too.
  4. Usually if it's a work day like Monday to Friday I'll change my shirt, and sleep in the same boxer shorts.. If it's a weekend, I may change Friday night and wear the same socks and undies until Monday morning lol
  5. Sexysagger you truly live up to your name I mean by far haha
  6. Yeah I have had it total of about 4 years, but was inactive for almost 3 of those years.. IF any one truly wants to try finding me and exploring on SL, or wants help figuring it out send me a private message.. Could be really fun.. Something like that though I'm usually only on the weekends.
  7. Does anyone play the game Second Life? If you do or are familiar with it, don't you think it would be cool to have "virtual" sagger meetups? They sell sagging jeans, shorts, and chinos that you can wear on your avatar as well as tons of sexy shirts and tops. However, they do cost in-game money, Lindens. I have played so long without spending money and I finally caved. Even if you don't spend much money on dressing up your avatar, would still be cool to be in game and "hanging out". Group chats and voice chats are easily possible. There's a gay-themed sim that I rent a small place on. Can fit up to 10 people, more if you just want to stand around. It's by the water too haha.. There are also clubs which host parties at times and you can frequent to 'socialize' aka hook up I'm not sure why I never thought of this before, but it would be pretty awesome. I would highly suggest the Firestorm viewer as it's popular and better than the default one..
  8. plain t shirt. puma boxer briefs really tight, pajama cotton pants, white Adidas no show socks, and some blue slip on sneakers
  9. Sort of a funny topic haha. But not sure if this is off topic, but my ideal bathroom would have dimmable lights in the ceiling and around the mirrors in front of a counter with two sinks and cabinets underneath. It would have an oval shaped toilet so I have more room for the junk. The toilet would be in it's own room separate from the sinks and shower so you can piss or poop while someone uses the shower. It would have tile floors that are heated. It would also have a stand up shower and a separate tub. There would be two bathroom vents and windows that open and also heating lamps in the ceiling. But for now I'll just stick with what I got ha
  10. Seeing what everyone is wearing by looking at pics with socks and sneakers/trainers white sagging is driving me crazy. Haha such hot stuff.
  11. Gosh I love the look and your sneakers... so sexy and hot
  12. Gosh those tight buns
  13. I agree I love underwear and socks for that matter that DO NOT contain cotton. I feel they are more durable and more sexy and tighter and usually thinner. Love them.
  14. I would love a guy to be dressed up in complete soccer gear haha. maybe next Halloween? lol or a Christmas morning present? lol
  15. Button fly jeans are so sexy. They are harder to find now especially in skinny jeans. I have some I bought many years ago and they are awesome