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    Average guy here who loves to sag!
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  1. Thanks, Your albums are sooo hot as well! :)

  2. Very nice albums, you´re hottttt¡

  3. That is such a cool sag and what a body; I am speechless.
  4. Hey you wanna cam some time? sagger_me@hotmail.com xx

  5. Had fun at a Gay Pride Event yesterday! :D

  6. 6

    I want to be that guy as long there were guys on me.
  7. I wear briefs went doing sport, e.g. running and skiing etc. I wear boxerbriefs around shopping and the house so I can sag as low as possible.
  8. Leave me a message asl

  9. U r incredibly fit and sag ver well.

    Me and my boyfriend r looking to meet up with some other lads r u interested?

  10. When I first thought about having anal sex with my boyfriend I thought it will hurt; I spoke to him about it and he felt the same but I thought there is a first time for everything so we tried it but both of us being quite nervous we didn't really get any pleasure about it. Another time we were both horny so we both starting have oral but then I just placed my c**k into his anus and he just wanted more and more; he loved every minute of it. The when he gave me anal sex I just loved it as well and now we cannot stop having it (not literally). It depends on you body I think and what you feel and your conditions. If you are in a steady relationship you should talk it over. It worked for me and now my sex life is great.
  11. Any Gay Saggers want to chat or you can PM me.
  12. Just found some interesting images of some the Calvin Klein Steels which I have posted before. I will post them later! :D

  13. I started when I was about 13 but my friend showed me when I slept round his house and now we still jack off today with each other due o him now being my boyfriend.
  14. Thanks for all the comments on all my albums. Thanks

  15. I want tohave fun with him. He is so so so HOT!!