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  1. 20160224_233153.jpg

    Really hot !!!!!
  2. 577bee7c45028-20160705-1440591.jpg

    Mmmmmm, hot
  3. a6ff732a-1768-47fb-83b5-0d7da9d27b88.jpg

    Nice sag and nice body!!
  4. IMG_20160703_134513-1.jpg

  5. IMG_3604.JPG

    Mmmmmm, hot sag!!
  6. check out a cool sag here come here http://tinychat.com/saggerworld password is lowrider83

  7. WOPA! Todo bien?!?!?!

    1. Miguel


      Jajajajaj, si, todo muy bien, que tal tu?


  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas David, have a great day and show us your new undies
  9. cool wet sagging!!!! Thx for sharing!!!

    1. Miguel


      Thanks :)

      You are welcome :)

  10. Check out my sag videos!

    Hot vids, really nice and the golden undies are
  11. Hygiene Survey

    1. Yes 2. Of course 3. Daily 4. Daily I guess i´m clean
  12. european championship winners :P

  13. Flower Boxers

    Nice sag!
  14. Holidays in Galicia :)