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Forgotten Your Belt

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I've never forgotten my belt (my pants are WAY too big for that) but I have had a belt break on me while I was out before!! lol It was a braided belt that I had since high school, and it just wore the wrong time!!  I sometimes hold my pants up with one hand anyway, but with no belt, it would not have looked good with the fit I was wearing.  Luckily, my key chain saved my life!  I used the key chain to link a few of the belt loops in the front, so my pants would still hang on my thighs if I held them with one hand.  It was funny at the time, but I can laugh about it now!

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No, man, I ain't forgotten my belt.  I usually check out what I'm wearing before heading out.  Haven't missed a belt.  I've gotten a belt stretch on me, not break.  I've had to pull up more or make the belt tighter, maybe improvise an extra hole.

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