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  1. fatti vedere su skype

  2.  in chat 5 minuti che ti saluto


  3. se ci sei batti un colpo...

  4. andre33

    Suggestions part 1

    - At home - Under the ass - Wearing all your Trade Boxer and Shorts
  5. andre33


    That's HOT.
  6. andre33

    What are you wearing right now?

    Black Armani BB, Jeans and White shirt.
  7. andre33


    Mmm. Amazing
  8. andre33


    Great view.
  9. andre33


    Great sag, ass and boxer. Love it.
  10. If you want to chat - andresagw33 on Skype ;)

  11. andre33

    Sagging at Home

    I always sag at home. And sometimes my gf sag too.
  12. andre33


    WOW. Great Sag. Love those Boxer.
  13. See you in the NEW WEBSITE :)

  14. New Photos Next Week

  15. New Photos Online


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