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  1. TheBelowButtSagger

    Danemark saggers

    This was one of the first sagging videos I saw on the internet; then one thing lead to another, and I found this site
  2. TheBelowButtSagger


    yeah c*** that what we do in aussie
  3. TheBelowButtSagger

    Girl Saggers?

    I think it's f***Ing hot. It combines the two things that make me horny, which can't be a bad thing
  4. TheBelowButtSagger

    Video Games

    I'm a big PC minecraft player as well, just PM me and we can set something up man.
  5. Just letting you know, my pics are now approved and available for viewing

    1. zachd98


      Kik me zach_ishere

  6. TheBelowButtSagger

    Who Here Likes Sagging And Humping?

    Oh I definitely did
  7. TheBelowButtSagger


    Haha, thanks Lee. You should try it and then post pics ðŸ˜
  8. New pictures coming soon, they are just pending approval

  9. TheBelowButtSagger

    Video Games

    I'm a big Xbox and pc guy. I mainly play my Xbox One and Xbox 360, over my PC - But I still use my PC quite a bit as well. PM me if you want my gamertag so we can play
  10. TheBelowButtSagger

    The Saggers Survey

    Age: 18 Gay Straight or Bi: Straight Race: Caucasian Hometown: New Zealand Grade: 1st year of University Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: Boxer Briefs What brand do you wear: Bonds and Calvin Kleins Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: No What do you wear to swim: Boardshorts and Boxer briefs. I sag the shorts to half my ass and hope they go lower when swimming Do you ever freeball? Not really, I did once (too chilly) What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): Below Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": Average Do you have any body hair: Yes, on my arms and legs (and my nether regions) Do you have any facial hair: Yes, a goatee and moustache Do you have any of your body or facial hair: Yes, isn't this question redundant? Do you trim or shave your pubes: Yes, I don't want ladies bush bashing for days before they see the tree Below the Belt When was the last time you had a boner: 1 hour ago Do you have one now: Getting one Do you masturbate: Of course When: Every day or two Where: Bathroom usually How: With my hands. What did you expect me to say? "Oh yeah, I always masturbate by rubbing lettuce of my thighs"? What is you favourite way to jerk off: Either with my GF doing it, or with porn in front of me What do you wear to jerk off: Normal clothes - pants sagging below my ass of course. How do you clean up: With a large wad of tissue paper Have you every masturbated analy: No Fun with Boys or Girls Have you ever jerked in front of another boy: No If not would you: Most likely no - unless I was paid a bit to do so Have you ever jerked in front of a girl: Yes, it was very nice If not would you: Yes I would Have you ever masturbated another boy: No If not would you: No Have you ever fingered a girl: Yes If not would you: Yes Have you ever had oral sex with a boy: No Did you give or receive: N/A If not would you: N/A Have you ever had oral sex with a girl: Yes Did you give or receive: Give of course (Is there another way?) If not would you: Yes Have you ever had sex with a girl: Yes Did you enjoy it: God yes, although it was a little awkward to begin with If not would you: Yes Sex, Sex, and more Sex What is your favourite position: Probably the Cowboy or the Fire-pole Do you use protection: Yes What kind: A condom for me and the pill for her What is you favourite kind or condom: The grooved ones, my GF likes that quite a bit. Have you ever had anal with a girl: Once If no would you: Yes Where have you had sex (mark with an x) Your bed: [X] Your parents bed: [] Your lovers bed: [X] The bath: [] The Shower: [] The floor: [X] The Couch: [X] Outside: [] In a hot tub or pool: [] Where did you lose you virginity: In the bathroom at my friend's house, during a party. Me and a chick I just met locked ourselves in for some privacy (she was probably one of the few girls I have met where they started by feeling me up through the medium of my below butt sagging - which she thought was sweet. Sadly never saw her again ) Have you ever had sex in public: Not Yet Would you: Yeah! It might be fun When was the last time you had sex: Month and a bit ago Did you cum: Yes Did they cum: No, she orgasmed And last but not least Did this Survey make you horny: When reliving my sex life, yes.
  11. TheBelowButtSagger

    I Get An Erection Whenever I Sag Or See Sagging...

    I think its completely normal, getting an erection around something you enjoy - even if you're straight. I'm straight, but I have had one of those sagging related erections before
  12. TheBelowButtSagger

    Would you sag on a first date?

    Yeah... I would sag - but not a huge one. Start small - so she knows that you do sag - and then as you get to know her more over multiple dates, feel free to let the sag get lower. Not sagging on the first date would be a mistake, but it will seem like you are lying to her by putting on a facade
  13. TheBelowButtSagger

    A Or B?

    Spirits before beer and you're in the clear. But a couple of frothies a day don't hurt. Drunk or tipsy?
  14. TheBelowButtSagger

    A Or B?

    I like sagging both, if I'm allowed to chose both jeans and shorts. Plain boxer briefs or patterned?
  15. TheBelowButtSagger

    A Or B?

    Checked. A. would you ever come to Australia solely to see saggers or B. would you ever sag solely to be seen by saggers

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