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    Just a 21 year old sagger. Ask me if you want more deets. Idk what to say here :P
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    bbs, boxers, briefs. In that order :D LOVE saggers and love sagging.
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  1. sagginjack1993

    Dedesagger video's

    Great video dude!
  2. sagginjack1993

    Jackson Guthy

    Wowowowowow he's really hot. Does he still sag like that?!
  3. sagginjack1993

    My Youtube Channel

    Really hot dude!! I see someone has an affinity for dropping their pants
  4. sagginjack1993

    A Or B?

    Tough choice but I think I'm gonna go with Tommy. I just love them and they're not as popular as CK. Read the book or watch the movie?
  5. sagginjack1993

    Word Association Game

  6. sagginjack1993

    Fly buttons vs zipper

    This just got me hard haha thinking about seeing this on the street
  7. sagginjack1993

    What are you wearing right now?

    What was she doing in the mens locker room?
  8. I like it.. but not my fav. I prefer hair up instead of down
  9. sagginjack1993

    Word Association Game

    Grapes - no clue haha
  10. sagginjack1993

    A Or B?

    I prefer late I guess... I am NOT a morning person! I've only heard of Supra so that's my choice!! Would you prefer to pee on someone or be peed on?
  11. sagginjack1993

    What are you wearing right now?

    Black CK BBS and Jeans with a T Shirt
  12. sagginjack1993

    K Pop

    Such a hot sag!!!
  13. sagginjack1993

    Word Association Game

    Loko hahaha
  14. sagginjack1993

    A Or B?

    Family Guy!! Memory Foam or Spring Mattress?
  15. sagginjack1993

    shooting your spunk

    So I also love to shoot in my bbs, trunks or whatever underwear I'm wearing (as well as in a guy's mouth or as) But question for you guys who sleep in it. Do you not worry about getting a UTI?

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