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  1. I guess this sagger is mad at me for being honest and at this point idc. Some of your saggers are arrogant and condescending

  2. Any saggers gonna be in new orleans this weekend? 

  3. I made a new kik group for people to join especially if you sag sweatpants or joggers 

    Type #sweatpantssagging

  4. Anybody sagging sweatpants or joggers? And wanna trade pics or Skype?

  5. Any saggers in houston? thinking bout visiting there

  6. I'm really not a difficult sagger to get along with.....just stop being so condescending and sketchy

    1. ElCarnicero


      Who are you speaking to, exactly?

  7. Hi dude, can we talk? 

    1. saggerprince


      yes of course message me

  8. My last post might get deleted but that's typical of the higher ups on here 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. saggerprince


      Noordsagger. If you believe that you done no wrong, then you're either oblivious or ignorant. In fact you wasted my time, being friendly when in fact you was leading me in because you don't like how I am or how our interests entirely different. That is bs. I'm not surprised because of I've had this happen before. That's why I'm numb however you blocking me in messages, I was still gonna get this last word as what I said is true. Don't lead other people like you did me. I actually care about some people on here. That is disrespectful and spiteful to blindside. People like you just add to the toxicity of the sagger community. Take this honest opinion however you like



    3. Lee249


      Guys, I wish not to be drawn into this feud. Feel rather uncomfortable tbh thanks.

      If you can't sort it out yourselves, then please consult @TheOther1

      We want a happy saggy atmosphere.

      All the best,


    4. TheOther1


      And what is the reason why the post shouldn't be deleted? What use is people arguing/naming and shaming /bringing their personal disagreements and problems onto the public forum? 

      Obviously I don't know the full story, but it seems like you were hurt.. Otherwise the message in your screenshot would have finished after the first sentence and you wouldn't have proceeded to put something in the public domain. 

      For what reason? Idk.. 

  9. I been on this website for six years and im probably gonna leave around Christmas time. I've seen some hot sags and met some hot saggers but this site has not been the best. I'm not one to hold my tongue

    1. shortydude


      I’ve thought about leaving too .  It’s kind of a last resort from pure boredom for me.  

    2. Lee249


      Why leave dude?

  10. Yea I don't know why I came back to Saggerworld but i'm done. The **** that has occurred today just me pissed me off. I'm done with sagging and this site. How the hell do I deactivate this account?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. saggerprince


      I would but you've been mad busy there would be no point

    3. flameboard


      Well if you feel like explaining then feel free too but no one is forcing you too.

    4. saggerprince


      @flameboard i just messaged u then

  11. Sweatpants season is almost here i can feel it, hopefully I'll see more sweatpants saggers :D :D but to trade pics or skype with em is another story haha

  12. It's always the more popular saggers that you can almost never talk to. Typical -_-

    1. shortydude


      That’s so true. 

  13. Someone messaged me because of my recent status. It was pretty negative but seeing that was sent to me just validates what I said about most saggers

  14. This might be deleted but i am gonna repost the truth, honestly i've noticed most of these popular saggers are condescending and smug that it's absolutely disgusting. Stop being dicks -_-

    1. jace


      Could we get your true unfiltered thots?

    2. Sagonmyface


      I don't fully agree, however I find it really odd that some put "hot" or something similar in their username lol. That's not confidence before someone goes there; that's arrogance or being a bit too much into yourself IMO. Quite a turn-off for me ;)

    3. saggerprince


      @jace pretty sure it's best to keep it at this level, true and unfiltered thoughts means for me to be brutally honest

      @Sagonmyface i mean i agree absolutely but there are saggers who do be smug and for what reasons, i don't know. I keep it to myself at times because I don't want the administration of Saggerworld to start to bother me for being truthful

  15. It's sweatpants and joggers season, and im barely seeing any sagging joggers? :(

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