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  1. Yea I don't know why I came back to Saggerworld but i'm done. The **** that has occurred today just me pissed me off. I'm done with sagging and this site. How the hell do I deactivate this account?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. saggerprince


      I would but you've been mad busy there would be no point

    3. flameboard


      Well if you feel like explaining then feel free too but no one is forcing you too.

    4. saggerprince
  2. Sweatpants season is almost here i can feel it, hopefully I'll see more sweatpants saggers :D :D but to trade pics or skype with em is another story haha

  3. It's always the more popular saggers that you can almost never talk to. Typical -_-

    1. shortydude


      That’s so true. 

  4. Someone messaged me because of my recent status. It was pretty negative but seeing that was sent to me just validates what I said about most saggers

  5. This might be deleted but i am gonna repost the truth, honestly i've noticed most of these popular saggers are condescending and smug that it's absolutely disgusting. Stop being dicks -_-

    1. jace


      Could we get your true unfiltered thots?

    2. Sagonmyface


      I don't fully agree, however I find it really odd that some put "hot" or something similar in their username lol. That's not confidence before someone goes there; that's arrogance or being a bit too much into yourself IMO. Quite a turn-off for me ;)

    3. saggerprince


      @jace pretty sure it's best to keep it at this level, true and unfiltered thoughts means for me to be brutally honest

      @Sagonmyface i mean i agree absolutely but there are saggers who do be smug and for what reasons, i don't know. I keep it to myself at times because I don't want the administration of Saggerworld to start to bother me for being truthful

  6. It's sweatpants and joggers season, and im barely seeing any sagging joggers? :(

  7. I'm+so+excited,+I+can't+believe+im+bout+to+chill+with+Tom+-+the+king+of+sagging+soon 😮+😮+😮 im+losing+it 

  8. Are there any saggers in Tampa, Florida?

  9. I'm thinking about either sagging with my spiderman suit coming in or my ninja outfit :D

  10. I think i'm gonna start a new saggerworld account, I haven't been doing much on here and I definitely haven't been socializing much either. Things will change though now that I got a new house

    1. TheOther1


      That doesn't mean you need to create a new account :S ...

    2. saggerprince


      Perhaps but i been meaning to go on a hiatus since college is coming soon

  11. Anybody wanna skype? A bit horny today

  12. Happy New Years everyone, I promise to post new pics soon sorry as my life is busy on a severe level. But I'm starting the year right and blocking negativity out of my life and people who cause it such as Lukey

  13. I love how this man [i won't say any names but you know who you are] laughed at me because I didn't want to show my face due to a emotional incident to why I stay like this. People are so heartless nowadays but I keep going

  14. I feel more better despite people gets mad when I speak the truth but that's fine, I'm tired of holding my tongue and having my niceness used as a weakness. Respect is earned and if you respect me, I will do the same. It's really simple. I'm not a bad person unless you want me to 


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