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  1. been years but finally uploaded an album

    1. Lee249


      Good to have you back 😉

  2. Just spotted this video.. he is not saggin low, though you can see the jeans slip lower every time he moves.. fyi.. I have the same jeans, cant wait for summer to wear them!
  3. thinking of buying some Pull-in printed bbs this weekend.. what is everyones thought on them?

    1. Lee249


      Hmm... They do look good. I've been interested in the brand for a while but not bought any yet :) 

  4. On the bus home I was sagging unusually quite low, when I got up my jeans started to fall, luckly I caught it in time...so close.. 

    1. Sagonmyface
    2. terwald


      :blushing:oops. Would have been awesome if they had dropped 

  5. Just ordered some new jeans at Cheap Monday, can't wait to sag them!! 

  6. Nothing like waking up with your shorts sagging underass. 

  7. My tongue is pierced and love it being blown by one is amazing! I would totally do it!
  8. New Album is up, go and check it out.

  9. I love the cold! I get to sag in my Nike Profit compressions and bbs...double sagging time!

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