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  1. Blaze1224

    A Or B?

    Tough choice, but cargo shorts Shoes: sneakers or boots?
  2. Blaze1224

    A Or B?

  3. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

  4. Blaze1224

    Sideless Shirt

    I believe they are called sleeveless tshirts. However, I have a few of them that only remove the sleeves - the shirt is still a shirt (looks almost like a jersey). In my opinion, of someone wants to remove the entire side of the shirt, you should just go shirtless by that point. One friend of mine and I came to the conclusion that those who have sleeveless shirts with the sides, essentially removed, are trying to provide a tease and show off. Good on you for it.
  5. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

  6. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

  7. Blaze1224

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    I am watching and reading my notes for my class
  8. Thinking of buying new boxers or boxer briefs. Which brands or types should I buy?

    1. Lee249


      American Eagle is a good place to start mate. Hollister is also good :) 

    2. Blaze1224


      I know one guy at my school who wears them, he does not sag, but sometimes the pants will slide enough to catch a glimpse; they look good. Usually I get some from Jockey, but I want to branch out.

    3. Lee249


      I know a couple of guys who wear AEs. Neither of them sag much but i've caught glimpses of their waistbands.

      You should deffo try these brands man :) 


  9. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

    Hospital (like a hospital ward) Woods (for the bumping - like in a horror movie)
  10. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

  11. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

    Excitement and Energy
  12. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

  13. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game

    Stress and Nights of coffee
  14. Been busy with school and work, but just uploaded some pics of clothes that I was thinking of buying. Let me know what you all think.

  15. Blaze1224

    Word Association Game


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