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  1. BDE

    Guys with a small p***s

    How small is small?
  2. Black Adidas TAN Training Pants, Hollister Black Boxer Briefs, Navy Champion Hoodie, Topman gold chain with two gold rings on it
  3. New+pictures+up!

    1. Lukey


      Love the new album u posted earlier. Brilliant bud...

  4. BDE

    A Or B?

    Nachos. Adidas or Nike?
  5. BDE

    A Or B?

    Hollister. Sagging w/ jeans or Tracksuit?
  6. BDE

    A Or B?

    Holiday (at this stage of my life at least, maybe would emigrate later in life). CK or EA underwear?
  7. A lot of snow where I am (and the whole of the UK I think)

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