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  1. Slade

    Other Cultures 😅

    Yep, Koreans definitely rank higher on the masochistic scale. I can't tell you how many games I have played where the loser ends up in pain.
  2. Slade

    Funny old videos 😁

    Still my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E1ZIryVOYE&list=PLn9QyyuR2xyNzSFFzMGy29su4u--7VSom&index=115&t=16s
  3. Slade

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Yeah, f*** these people. I mean seriously, it's not that big of a deal. It's not like it's the T-Virus or something of that nature. These idiots are just hording and make the lives of literally everyone else difficult. They're even buying out non necessity items. Are you seriously telling me that, if the world is coming to an end, the highest item on your shopping list is a Hershey's bar? Get the f*** out of there! Hoard up on your toilet paper- because I guess that takes priority over everything- and cheap brand waters, whatever. But milk? Dog food? The whole damn vegetable aisle?!? Some of us have lives and businesses to run, damn it! .....well, now that I got that off my chest. Show of hands: Yall's schools get shut down? I know I'm working from home.
  4. Slade

    What should I wear for Halloween

    Ok 1, you are never too old for Halloween! And 2, ApisAries's idea is a pretty good one. Go retro 90's or early 2000's. If you like baggy, be an old-school rapper. If you're into skinny, punk skater. Sweatpants Spider-Man from Into the Spider-Verse is an opportune option and rather simple.
  5. Slade

    Sagging on buttcrack

    Maybe that's the reason. Definitely not going to stop me from sagging, though!
  6. Slade

    Sagging on buttcrack

    Yes! I always want my underwear to do that! I can't seem to do it! I guess it's just my body type, which is unfortunate.
  7. Slade

    What is double sagging or multi-sagging?

    These two are perfect subjects to study. One has a massive sag and the other double.
  8. He could be. I was a guard during my last job and both I and a coworker of mine sagged. We worked in LA and he was from the hood, as he'd say.

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