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    Hey! My passion for sagging as grown within me for the past two years and I finally decided to create an account here! I am passionate about many other things, including photography, music and technology. Feel free to chat with me and send me a message! I follow everyone back, by the way ;) Have a good day, and remember to sag!
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  1. I launched my Instagram recently and it's poppin' fast!!

    @jadensagsofficial - please go check it out!

  2. thx for following

    1. jadensagsofficial


      I follow eveyrone back so no problem

  3. I'll log off with some (crappy) pictures. 

    I wanted to upload new ones but wanted to save the quality for an upcoming album. For the time being, enjoy these two (bad) pictures!

    upnclosesag (1).PNG

    newsag (1).PNG

    1. LeonSagger


      Nah, come on
      They look dope!

    2. shortydude


      Nice choice in bbs .  Great color too. 

  4. random - I wish Justin Bieber still sagged the way he did back in 2012/2013. I'm just scrolling through the justin bieber sagging thread and I'm missing the old hot days. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. obeysagger


      totally agree that he looked better back then

    3. Lee249


      Same here. He was a gorgeous sagger back then before going down that dark path with drugs, booze, girls etc etc. Actually, i viewed an old clip of him sagging in white CKs skateboarding wearing shorts the other day. God those cakes! Delish 😜

    4. TexasSagger


      He does sag but if u mean u like when he was younger ok 

  5. jadensagsofficial

    Saggin' Mishappen

    Disclaimer - I don't know if this thread was made before or one similar to this. Have you ever had something bad happen to you or someone else while sagging in public? There are a ton of things that could go wrong when you sag. The more you let free and go lower and lower, looser and looser, the more you could end up in an embarrassing and awkward position. So, have any mishappens of any sort occurred while you were saggin'? Examples. . . they fall all the way down, you trip and fall, someone pants you, etc.
  6. Just crossed 500 profile views. That's exciting for a new member I guess :)

  7. I begun sagging at age 10 or 11. I'd say if I really asked my parents 'can i start sagging' (which I didn't) they'd say 'no' or 'wait another couple years' so, the answer is 13 or 14.
  8. jadensagsofficial

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    Right now I'm (re)watching 13 Reasons Why, one of the best shows I've seen in my entire life. Once Upon a Time & Stranger Things are great too. I'm gonna begin some shows soon but haven't gotten around to them yet.
  9. jadensagsofficial

    Too Hot to Not Look

    So here's a little storytime for you. . . I was out doing errands and I saw this extremely hot sagger. He was wearing american eagle ripped skinny jeans, very colorful boxer briefs and a pick shirt that covered his entire sag but nothing more. The very top of his jeans were showing, and sometimes the boxers. He was quickly exiting the store along with me. I decided to walk fast so I could see his sag. I followed him until to his smoke. I creeped behind him to watch him smoke and sag. I pretended to be waiting for someone so I just went on my phone. If I thought of it, I would've taken a couple pictures. But I was so caught up in the moment. Sorry!! 😂😂 He left momentarily so I did with him. I waited a couple seconds before I pretended to have saw my friend. I rushed over to where my fake friend was, his car. For some reason, I have a affiliation with saggers (especially low saggers) getting into their cars, and sitting. It's just so hot to me. So I watched him get into his car and leave. I guess you could call that spying or creeping on someone but it was Too Hot to Not Look!
  10. Amazed at how fast my account and album are getting recognition and attention! Thanks guys! Next album will be in a few weeks ;)

  11. My first album is up now, would love it if you checked it out and lemme know what you think!! ;)

  12. jadensagsofficial

    Worst Ways to Sag

    That's sorta exactly how I sag. I think a lop sided or an unequal sag, like when one side is noticeably higher or lower than the other.
  13. jadensagsofficial

    Sagging in Television and Movies

    is it just me? in movies and tv, do they not show it when the actors or people are sagging? it's like when the walk or move around, they show the waist up but no sagging. i always get so disappointed with that!
  14. jadensagsofficial

    Worst Ways to Sag

    There are numerous ways to sag but which of them are downright bad? Discuss below
  15. jadensagsofficial

    New Music

    It was ok. Depends on the kind of standards you have. For Mariah's standards, it was mediocre. For mostly any other r&b artist's standards, it was good.

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