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  1. Jacksagger

    Embarrassing Erections

    I ended up going shopping with him at a department store for new boxers later on in the day and we chose the same pattern for each of us and then we went to the bathroom to put them on. As a parting gift he gave me his red plaid boxers and I gave him my superhero satin boxers. I still have them to this day
  2. Jacksagger

    Embarrassing Erections

    Yeah there was a group of saggers sitting next to us who when it happened gave me a smile and wink and one of the main guys later came up to me saying they wanted to know where i bought my boxers from as they wanted to wear them aswell as he was sagging red plaid boxers below his ass.
  3. Jacksagger

    Embarrassing Erections

    I was at the mall with my mate wearing superhero satin boxers with sweatpants carrying shopping with both hands and my pants slid down to the ground and I couldn’t pick them up so my mate picked them up for me and cause I obviously had a huge hard on now he had to tuck my **** back into the pants as it got stuck when he was pulling them up. It was embarrassing and so hot at the same time .
  4. Jacksagger

    Back to briefs

    I wore briefs when I was a younger until about 15 and then I switched to boxer briefs when I saw all the guys in the locker room wearing the same brand so I went and got some too so I fit in haha. I’ve been trying out loose boxers more lately when I’ve been sagging as it looks cooler. I have a couple of briefs that I wear for work for the extra support but I always think it will be embarrassing if I get caught with my pants down wearing them instead of if I was wearing boxers. What do you guys think ?
  5. Jacksagger

    satin boxers

    Hey njp, I’m from Australia and yeah I definitely do especially when I’m wearing gym or sweatpant shorts cause they sag so much faster and they go so low down they pretty much fall off. What patterns do you have ?
  6. I have mainly Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger Boxer Briefs but I do have a few pairs of Aussiebum’s as they are a pretty big brand over here in Aus and they always have sales so there really affordable.

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