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COVID-19 : With this global pandemic taking its toll around the world, it is the time that we must all truly look out for ourselves. I urge that all members pay attention to the restrictions put into place in your local areas and not attempt to risk infection by being with other people to take photos, videos, etc. This is a time that we all need to look out for one another and our families. If your town, city or country goes into a Lock-Down, I urge that you Stay Home, Stay Safe so that we can all come out of this well. I hope that you and your families all remain safe and well during this unprecedented time. Regards Flameboard


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  1. ExtremeThugDude29

    Masturbating At School

    . I masturbate where ever I want even in the middle of the mall. I even busted a few loads of cum in the hall at school and everyone always stared at me.
  2. ExtremeThugDude29

    Masturbating At School

    That’s So cool bro
  3. ExtremeThugDude29

    Masturbating At School

    When I was in school I Jacked off and busted huge loads of cum,every class , by the end of the school day my boxers were soaked with cum, felt so good!
  4. ExtremeThugDude29

    What size jeans are ur baggiest?

    Cool For me the bigger and baggiest and lowest jeans for me are the best!
  5. ExtremeThugDude29

    What size jeans are ur baggiest?

    Biggest I own is size 72 baggy jeans I sag oversized baggy jeans to my knees everyday all over public

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