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  1. Yo my boxers are always showin my pants saggin low all the time 24 7. love seein otha dudes saggin like me
  2. Me2 man I wanna see more white tee sags yo
  3. I always had girl friends who would rub my boxers or grab my crotch while I'm saggin my pants
  4. Yea we got mad dudes who sag here
  5. Jus like dat ur arms are mad sexy too bro
  6. My boy steve sagged his pants low n he worked wit me he would always ask for me to help him. He always talk to me bout how all dudes should be sagging there pants man n how ppl need to stop telling us to pull up are pants I sed fukk yea man. He wore plain white tees too like me no matter wut our sag always showin yo I loved watching him walk saggin man!
  7. Yo Jace ur pants saggin n short white tee mad hot yo u get me hard man
  8. Yo u like seeing a man sag wit a small white tee n his arms behind his head n u see his armpit hair showin n his sag mad hot yo
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