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  1. new pics up 🫡 not sure why it ain’t on the recent albums updates tho🫣

    1. Lee249


      You have one of the finest arses out there!! Your sags are amazing dude. Love it. I'll be checking it out shortly 👍

  2. pretty cool vid, i like his terms for the different levels, might use those
  3. sorry but fruit of the loom is like rookie sagger level. i recommend ethika, PSD, champion, Boss, Calvin Klein, polo ralph lauren, american eagle, holister, adidas, free gun, Nike, under armour, can’t ever go wrong w these ones
  4. wow that was a lot of ignorance in one comment. it takes time for victims to be comfortable to open up about such a sensitive topic. everyone goes at their own pace. sure sometimes it’s a long time but it’s not up to us to decide when a victim should speak out.
  5. any guys w a jeans fetish wanna make a gc or something?
  6. blogs ain’t always wrong…. proper style is a thing
  7. i know this is really old but i feel like a lot of guys here need to see this…
  8. there’s a netflix movie it’s a recreation of Shes All That, but this one is called He’s All That. there’s one sagging scene in it link to movie trailer: sagging is at 0:51 to 0:57 there’s only that one sagging part in it the rest is just blah blah who am i gonna take to prom blah blah stuff
  9. H.D


    bluefaces sags r hot, even hotter is his music and lyrics. he kinda fell off now but he was way ahead in the game when he was in his prime. also if u wanna see more of his sagging watch thotiana music video
  10. lmao same, i thought they were talking about the other football 🏈
  11. this is really old but i’ll respond anyways…. mines black but it turns light brownish in the summer
  12. i live on the west coast too but in british columbia, we don’t have a ton of beaches but we have some small ones that i love going too in the summer. most of our beaches are right infront of downtown so we get ocean view, mountains in the back, and skyscrapers
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