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  1. bluefaces sags r hot, even hotter is his music and lyrics. he kinda fell off now but he was way ahead in the game when he was in his prime. also if u wanna see more of his sagging watch thotiana music video
  2. lmao same, i thought they were talking about the other football 🏈
  3. this is really old but i’ll respond anyways…. mines black but it turns light brownish in the summer
  4. i posted a new album today and the album yesterday called my sags 5 posted yesterday but it submitted it like two days before. i wish the process was faster
  5. i live on the west coast too but in british columbia, we don’t have a ton of beaches but we have some small ones that i love going too in the summer. most of our beaches are right infront of downtown so we get ocean view, mountains in the back, and skyscrapers
  6. i don’t think i have a specific style, i just wear clothes i think look good
  7. what’s your type, what kinda guys do you like? maybe you’ll find ur type in the comments of this topic
  8. anything by Kanye, youngboy, cardi b, and carti
  9. that kinda a creepy question tbh. i don’t think anyone would tell their kid at a certain age “hey buddy now that your getting older i want to let you know that you can wear your pants low” 😬 maybe let your kid do what he wants with his style…
  10. me and my friends are really close and we borrow eachothers clothes all the time and sometimes that includes underwear
  11. not talking about rappers sagging but do any of y’all have any fav rappers? mine are prolly Ye, A$ap ferg, cardi b, playboi carti, youngboy never broke again, and drake. i really only listen to rap, i can’t stand any other kinds of music lmao
  12. didn’t own it but my dads mercedes which i would drive without him knowing for like 4 months when i was 16 and the way he found out was when he saw the huge dent in the back🥲
  13. football: seahawks hockey: canucks baseball: dodgers basketball: chicago bulls
  14. ion have a ton of work experience but my favourite job i’ve had was at the mall in a shoe store when i was 15 and i worked there w my best friend and we worked there for 2 months basically just goofing around since the only thing for us to do was check the inventory for customers and it wasn’t that busy so that was nice
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