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  1. any guys w a jeans fetish wanna make a gc or something?
  2. double sagging or just wearing shorts under ur jeans with underwear is a really good thing if ur skinny and tryna fit into ur jeans better
  3. blogs ain’t always wrong…. proper style is a thing
  4. i know this is really old but i feel like a lot of guys here need to see this…
  5. there’s a netflix movie it’s a recreation of Shes All That, but this one is called He’s All That. there’s one sagging scene in it link to movie trailer: sagging is at 0:51 to 0:57 there’s only that one sagging part in it the rest is just blah blah who am i gonna take to prom blah blah stuff
  6. it’s kind of a y2k inspired outfit with baggy jeans and jackets
  7. tyty but i don’t know if i’m an “inspiration”hahaha
  8. tysm🤙🏾 love compliments on my hair🙏🏾
  9. thanks for the love on this topic, but i’ve been told i apparently already kinda dress like that just gotta step up my shoe game which is true also some designer belts fs. 🙏🏾
  10. thanks, and yea i wouldn’t wear the ski mask, messes up my curls
  11. y’all think this style would look good on me?
  12. bluefaces sags r hot, even hotter is his music and lyrics. he kinda fell off now but he was way ahead in the game when he was in his prime. also if u wanna see more of his sagging watch thotiana music video
  13. lmao same, i thought they were talking about the other football 🏈
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