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  1. Vans and converse are my favorite, i like the style, and fashion, the feel, how they wear.. and they make my feet sweaty and i love that too hehe
  2. i would gladly give someone a wedgie especially if it made them excited.. grins
  3. I don't have pics but from bottom to top. all black high top Vans, no socks, black skin tight skinnies with holes on the knees, red CK briefs, a black star wars t shirt and black hoodie.. it's warm here, but the a/c makes it a lil cold
  4. Super submissive and kinky sagger? Maybe you happen to be really worked up? Send me a message hehe -whistles innocently-

  5. Way back in the day few years ago, the site had like 3-5 mods, but i don't see anyone listed as a moderator of the site
  6. vans and converse are my favorites to wear and see on other guys.. but i mean nike, adidas, puma, all good stuff too
  7. i'd enjoy baggy if they had really tight underwear on underneath and some hot socks and footwear hehe
  8. love skinny twinky submissive kinky saggers hehe preferably with some hot footwear and someone that wears tight clothing.. in summary haha
  9. Down to chat on kik.. kinda bored on christmas eve eve lols

  10. I love socks and feet got a little bit of everything. some silky nylon dress ones. sporty soccer/football ones. some athletic crew ones. many many ankle socks of the sporty kind.. no thick ugly cotton ones. i like mine made of synthetic material that sticks to the feet more and wicks sweat. also got some toe socks too.
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