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  1. Any truly submissive & kinky saggers want to chat? hit me up :)

    1. CJS90


      i am a sub who has a master atm

    2. Emohotboy


      Hey bro I am sub  and kinky sagger 

  2. send me a PM

    1. Lee249


      Ok 👍

  3. I know the UK and other places are sweltering right now.. It's hotter there than it is where I am in the states. I know many folks over there don't have a/c because you "don't really need it". Do you think this will change? Do you think as climate changes the need will rise for A/c over there and perhaps it will become more common and less expensive? Hell, A/c would run more efficient there than in the US due to your voltage..
  4. really horny for a submissive slave boy sagger 😛 😅

    1. Emohotboy


      Would like to help you if you know what I mean 😏 

    2. AustinSole813


      I could use all the help i can get


  5. Vans and converse are my favorite, i like the style, and fashion, the feel, how they wear.. and they make my feet sweaty and i love that too hehe
  6. i would gladly give someone a wedgie especially if it made them excited.. grins
  7. I don't have pics but from bottom to top. all black high top Vans, no socks, black skin tight skinnies with holes on the knees, red CK briefs, a black star wars t shirt and black hoodie.. it's warm here, but the a/c makes it a lil cold
  8. Super submissive and kinky sagger? Maybe you happen to be really worked up? Send me a message hehe -whistles innocently-

  9. Way back in the day few years ago, the site had like 3-5 mods, but i don't see anyone listed as a moderator of the site
  10. vans and converse are my favorites to wear and see on other guys.. but i mean nike, adidas, puma, all good stuff too
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