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First time sagging

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Nice actually I’ll share here

I was 9 and it Started as just forgetting a belt one day going to school then turned in to a love wanting to show all my underwear’s.

I was wearing a Kinda a shorter shirt with kinda loose jeans. My underwear was a pair of briefs with a white waistband saying sonoma, light blue underwear with sports balls on them. I couldn’t find a belt in time to leave for school so I left without one. Throughout the day they would slowly slip down my butt with activity and I would just keep pulling them up through the day. They averaged just above or to half way down but the most they fell was almost off my butt. I pulled them up and within a few seconds they would already be slipping down.

that day there was dodgeball which was fun but difficult to keep them up and later that night my siblings and i with a few friends played twister. 

That's what started it all and today I still love sagging while wearing briefs and no belt!

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Great story, Mike!

I was 10, very different start but same result today: love sagging in unbelted jeans (501's still my faves) showing whatever is  underneath them.  If anything.

Will try to find time to write my story soon.  

Thanks for telling yours.

(the other) Mike

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I sort of "discovered" sagging when I was 10.  I, like my father, and as I had been raised, slept in pajamas, commando (I never heard of a guy wearing anything under his pajamas until I got to college and discovered that a dorm mate did).  As puberty approached, I discovered humping my bed . ..  well, the great feelings that came from it.  Nights that my pajama pants had elastic waistbands, they occasionally would slip down onto my hips; I soon discovered another neat feeling: of the pajama waistband down on my hips, and it wasn't many nights afterwards that I discovered how delightful it felt to have that waistband under my hips. 

Since it felt so good having my pajama pants that low, I thought I'd try it with my jeans . . . and loved the feeling.  BUT in my Puritanical household, sagging would be worse than just prohibited, so I got on my bike and rode to an open area betweeen our and the next town, took off my shirt, unbuckled my belt, and slipped the jeans down to about half-ass, and walked around the fields enjoying the feeling of sun on my bare torso and burning through my white briefs (still wore them frequently in those days).

First time, the repeated as often as I could find a way. . . . and still do.

Note:  Because I wore pajamas commando, I soon tried it in my jeans . . . and  LIKED  IT.  That's why I'm a part-time freeballing sagger today.

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I was a freshman at high school. In middle school, I was jealous because the other guys wore boxers and I was stuck with tighty whities. I finally got a pair of red Old Navy boxers with snowboarders on them, and I sagged the back almost down the bottom of my ass. I wanted to make sure all the other guys know I wore boxers too. I remember Chase, the hot soccer player in my math class, asking me if my pants were too low. Definitely not!

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