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On behalf of both myself and TheOther1 I would like to thank you for continuing to make SaggerWorld.com

a 100% Free Website to join. 

We are proud to be one of the only Sagging Websites that is 100% FREE, along with being one of the longest running sites around.

Unfortunately running a website is not free, therefore if you enjoy the site,
please do consider donating to help us pay for our monthly server costs and licensing fees to keep us alive. 
When you do donate, on your bank statements it will appear as "Online Donation" with no mention of SaggerWorld.

For your generous contributions, you will receive the following benefits:

 - A "Donator" icon displayed underneath your avatar so you can be recognised!


- Maximum Private Stored Messages: 1000
(Standard is 250)

- Maximum Private Message Recipients for Group Messaging: 15
(Standard is 5)

- Bypass Flood Control
(ie allows making 2 posts in quick succession without waiting)

- Different Group Colour both in the Members List and in Your Posts

- Max amount of Images in an album upgraded to 100
(Standard is 50)

- Unlimited amount of albums in the Gallery
(Standard is 70)

- Browse the site AD FREE*

- The ability to change your own Display Name
(Regular accounts not able to change name, Donators can once every 30 days if needed)


Click the "Donate Today" button in the menu banner above to donate :)

Thank you so much for your continuous support.

For those who can't donate monthly, then you can still help us out by continuing to be active on the site and ensuring AdBlockers are disabled.

*PLEASE NOTE - Adverts from our partners ie Underwear Promotions may still appear on your pages from time to time.

Google Adsense and Amazon ads will NOT appear.

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