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younger with older

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On 1/23/2008 at 10:06 PM, maverick311 said:

do you think that it is a good thing that there are a lot of younger guys who would prefer to be with older men..

and do you think that older men would prefer younger to keep their youth.. or ???

would love to hear a few opinions...

Im older I prefer younger guys over older guys younger guys are very aggressive and they know exactly what they want ,they excellent in bed,and if they need to be trained in a certain area that can be easily done ,plus I like to buy them things new shoes jeans underwear to me all my bfs were at least 20 yrs younger but it's their maturity that drew me in very mature for their age to me you can fight what you look ke 

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my boys luv chillin wit their Daddy.  Have lost track of how many younger and they keep cumming

Maybe, if you were dating someone younger than 18 you could go to school with them and learn how to construct a sentence which isn't a paragraph long..  That post was ridiculous regardless. 

speak for yourself. i don't dress my age, act my age, i play computer games, i can skate, and ride bmx (although a bit rusty) lol

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I've always been with guys in their late 20's to 30's I have lots of bros that just come over for the dope ass bro jobs I give it just turns me on to get a younger guy off like he's never gotten off before I have mad skilzs and I don't look my age or act like my age and all my clothes would be called skate clothes with my etenies dc globe circa Osiris Addias shoes I have all my hat and hoodies and jeans on top of the 20 different brands of boxer briefs I own and most of my sagger buddy's know they can come borrow a pair of whatever they need if they are going out I'm just like that 

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Well when I was 50 I had bfs that were from 25-35 I've always dated younger guys love is love as with anyone you gotta have boundaries and most of my bfs got in touch with me and wanted to get serious wise and they all were very mature even being at 25 

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