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Gallery/Album Photo Uploading Rules

All pictures must follow these rules to get approved and be visible on the website.

Adult Content Will Not Be Approved
Any pictures that contains adult content or suggests adult content will be rejected and the users account maybe removed and/or banned. Please keep in mind that SaggerWorld.com is NOT a over 18 site and welcomes users of all ages! We will be accepting photos of "Bulges" as we understand this is the way some people sag! HOWEVER we will only be accepting these of users over 18, and we will not be accepting photos that show "Boners"

Copyright / Logo's Are Not Permitted
Your picture must not contain a copyright or logo from another website, this includes URLs to other websites.

No Pictures From People Under The Age Of 16
A user uploading pictures that is under 16 will not have there pictures approved also if the person in the picture is believed to be under the age of 16 years old it again will be removed. This is to comply with Canadian, US and UK law!

No Altered Content
Pictures may not be extremely altered from their original form. Some alterations such as making your picture black and white will be allowed, but any alterations that cause the picture to drastically change your looks will be rejected.

No Duplicate Pictures
If you have the same picture numerous times in your albums they will be rejected and deleted.

No Fake Pictures
This means that if your picture which you claim to be yourself is believed to be fake and not you the SaggerWorld.com staff may reject your picture as a fake. The only way to get it approved again is to upload a valid picture with a piece of paper displaying SaggerWorld.com written on which will then show this is a actual picture of yourself.

Note: If you do not obey by this request within a certain time period after your picture has been rejected as a fake your album will be deleted or your account banned.

SaggerWorld Discretion
SaggerWorld and its staff reserves the right to prohibit or delete photos that are thought to violate applicable laws or that may be harmful to other members, the websites that comprise SaggerWorld or the rights of others.

We reserve the right to remove your membership from SaggerWorld should you violate these Guidelines.

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Not so much a new rule, but we will start to decline new pictures into the gallery where the image quality/size/resolution is not upto a standard.

Sometimes there are images uploaded with terrible resolutions like 200x200 or even lower, these look bad on the site and I start to consider the authenticity of the images when the user claims they are of them. It's 2019 and whilst the standard isn't going to be so high everyone needs to buy a professional camera, the picture can't be so small that it looks stupid in the gallery. 

99% of pictures uploaded are fine, so this decision makes no difference to the majority of members posting. 


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Short answer is.. There's some technical reasons as to why the stories in the 18+ forum are exempt. This doesn't mean though the story section should contain pics which we wouldn't allow elsewhere. 

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