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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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I'm so stereotypical when it comes to Gaga but I just love her so much.

Gaga is brilliant and FABULOUS. She is the queen of glamour! Her outrageous outfits is such a great selling point for publicity. Pokerface is the best track she's written and released so far

Falling in love with this song  

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The media are keeping their gobs shut in terms of their latest material "Loud Like Love" album comes out 16th September!

I'm in the queue!! YouTube have kept it quiet. Am downloading ASAP when the album becomes available ;)

Placebo that is.

EDIT: Found an ep track which shows Placebo performing it live in Barcelona last year :)


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Beautiful Life - Union J


Who fancies the gay one (Jaymi Hensley)? :biggrin:

He's a bit alright. Pleased he came out of the closet to everyone :lick:

Two tracks which scream out to me on Placebo's Loud Like Love album are Hold onto Me & A Million Little Pieces. AMAZING!!

In Too Many Friends the lyrics "My Computer thinks i'm gay i threw that piece of junk away" are shockingly bad lyrics. Dunno what Brian Moloko was thinking.

Overall, there is some pretty decent tunage to be had here. Worth a listen :)

EDIT: Wow Begin The End just blew me socks off! What a song.

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Lately for me, it's been a mix of either Tyr's new album "Valkyrja," or the band Battle Beast. I'm not listening to anything at the moment, but last thing I had going was Battle Beast's latest, self-titled album, the song Out of Control.

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