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After reading the story "The Sideless Sagger" by sagger975 I was wondering:

Who else likes those sideless shirts?

To me they look amazingly hot on fit or slim saggers :tongue_smilie: cause the sag, and boxers :tongue_smilie:, gets very obvious through the side wholes. And it turns me on when I see a glimpse of their nipples.

When I was in Spain I saw they were very populair out there.

Here's a pic of the sideless shirt. I couldnt find a sideless-shirt-AND-sagging-pic. Actually this is about the only nice pic I can find...

There must be more on the net... or vids...


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Extreme sideless lol

I love the sideless shirts, I only have a couple of them. I need more, they’re some of my favorite tanks.  Anyone know where I can get more? Other than eBay or amazon?

And another haha

Posted Images

I didn't know what they were called until you mentioned it! We learn new stuff every day lol.

Sadly, i can't see me wearing a sideless shirt but these shirts are awesome for seeing what undies dudes are wearing (grin) :)

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@ Flameboard, please forgive me but i have to disagree with you on this. I can see a strike next to me name here haha.

I honestly think that sideless shirts are working if that person is sagging themselves. There is a large gap which allows a good deal of undies to show through. If the lad is a sagger, this would be mean the world to us like :)

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Well not gonna lie yes the sag showing would be super however why would you wear them? Guess I shouldn't put them down as never have actually put one on. Just seems that if the person isn't sagging why would they be worn.


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I honestly have never seen sideless shirts before let alone wearing one. I couldn't really say if i liked them or not. However, we're bound to encounter some saggers this summer with these on. are they fashionable? I'm more used to me fone's querty pad. I keep on re-typing stuff! LOL :D

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I found a pic for you, wetwetwetnl :wink: . The guy's hot, but I still think it looks strange nonetheless...


Thnx Cosmo :D Maybe it looks strange, but it looks hot too... but offcourse only when combined with a hot body. When you can see a glimpse of the nipple, ahhh.e

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These shirts are ******* hot. I got about 4 in my closet which I wear as much as I can. I cut them all myself. Trying to find where you can buy them readymade, but haven't found any yet. Even those I've seen in the shops with pretty long armholes are not long enough to be really sideless - they only go about 1/2 way down the torso. I love doin a freeball sag wearing one, so you can see my slim bod through the side of the shirt, then a few inch of fabric then more bare skin around arse, side and pubes, then my shorts.

I've attached some pics here, they're not of me but I think they're hot anyway















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Suddenly I remembered Travis Barker from Blink182. He wears these shirts a lot. So hot!

Unfortunately you cant see a lot of his boxers through the shirt but he is a great sagger, he was one of my first sagger hero's.









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