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Extreme sideless lol

I love the sideless shirts, I only have a couple of them. I need more, they’re some of my favorite tanks.  Anyone know where I can get more? Other than eBay or amazon?

And another haha

Posted Images

I made one myself :biggrin:

The pics are taken after a great party night and I had some nice comments about the shirt and the boxerbriefs. But what do you think?!!

Did I cut too much away or is it okay?

woooooooooooooow !! never seen anything like this - did you REALLY wear this for a party? what kind of a party was that? god id wish id been there !! ;P

you cut it just perfect, revealing ur hot bod and i totally agree with cosmo on that you would look hot no matter what you wear !!

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Ya wth you guys?!!? These shirts are so freaking hot!!! You get to show off your sag, your nipples, your six pack, etc!! What more could you want!!! These shirts are downright amazing. But I don't understand how extremely low holes could see pretty stupid, but I mean they are so hot.

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I like the look of them on others but unsure how comfortable I would feel wearing one myself. Is that a boner in photo 2 of hot Aussie dude? :biggrin: 

They do look very simple to make though and I think an old t-shirt could easily be modified to look like this. I might have a go haha

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OMG that is so hot! You are gorgeous! Shows off ur hot bod so nicely. Did you make them from sleeveless shirts or T shirts?

the orange one is made from and old bjornborg longsleeve and the black one from a h&m tshirt specially bought to do this

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Here are some more I have snapped around Sydney recently. These shirts seem to be getting more and more popular - I see at least one or two every week now! Last weekend was the Future Music Festival in Sydney, and these shirts seem to be cool to wear at those festivals. Where I was on Sunday night, a minibus pulled up and about 20 guys got out, and at least 12 of them were wearing sideless shirts! All different colours and varying degrees of deep cut armholes, but the majority all the way down to the waist. Unforutnately I wasn't wearing one of mine that night, but I have been as much as possible otherwise.


The third guy in the pics (black shirt, red shorts) is my favourite. The last two are of some dudes in McDonalds. You can't really see but the guy in the black shirt to the left is also wearing a sideless shirt, as is the green shirt guy in the background. Enjoy!
















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