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Guys could you please take a look at this video of my mate Chris singing and playing Guitar.

Personally I think he has a amazing voice and he is finally getting back to making videos again!

I dont think you will be disappointed! He is after as much feedback as possible so please could you let me know what you think either on his video or on here and I will be sure to pass it onto him!

Cheers guys!!

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Hi Flamey! I think he's great! He has a wonderful, soulful voice that matches that song perfectly. It's strong but really emotive too. And I like his guitar playing. Can you please send me the link to his YouTube channel?

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Hi Flameboard

Your mate is brilliant, i love that song and he performed it very well. He should have entered Britain's Got Talent as lads with guitars are popular at the moment (last week Sean Kelly went through and this week an irish lad was put through)

PS does he sag ?


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He does abit but hardly anything.

Well you know what he did go to Britain's got talent this year but they didn't put him through to the judges! Most likely due to the amount of singers in it! I will let you know that you think he is good! He's trying I get out and about so get known.

Oh and the guy playing guitar this week lives in the town like 20 mins from me!


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Your friend has a gifted voice and is extremely talented! I believe he would go really far into a major music competition.

The show he should apply to is preferably the voice UK which is on bbc1. Many of the hopefuls are already singers/songwriters themselves aiming for a big break in the business.

And yeah, ask him to sag his pants for us dude lol ;)

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