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hottest place you ever jacked off?

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A mate of mine stopped over and left his clothes bag under my bed to pickup the following day. I couldn't help myself, so i pulled out his white Ck boxerbriefs and sniffed them. They smelt soo fresh like they'd just been washed. And yes, he was a very clean guy!

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I was house sitting for a family and I went over into their sons room (who is the same age as me) put on some of his boxers and jacked off on his bed, did this almost every day for two weeks it was a

once i jacked off at the sink in the school washroom i got so hard thinking some hot guy would walk in and see me strokin it i blew my load all over the sink

middle of the outback. was out camping and i was heaps horny, so i walked maybe half a k away from the campsite up a dry creekbed and jacked off. spoofed straight onto the sand, heaps hot.

Forget drink driving, THAT'S dangerous!

Now I think of it, this happened at my school too. I never did it (way too shy lol) but there was this one guy in 6th year. The story was that he'd put a hole in one of his pockets (we have to wear uniforms here). Any time I looked over at him he had his hand pretty deep in there. In maths, this guy sat between me and the window, and I usually stared out the window when I was bored. He thought I was staring at him, and he knew I was gay. In the last week or so of school I found out he'd spent the last two years terrified of me..... poor guy :blush:

yes it is Dangerous, even at low speeds I ran my car off into a ditch and hit a culvert , I wasn't hurt but the Idea of someone finding me dead with my c**k in hand cured me of that habit. I Might play with it while driving but I'll pull over to rub one off.

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