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Hey, I recently started a topic on its own but I didn't know this was here! ;)

Name: Jaden

Age: 18 years

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 150 lbs

Style: I like to dress casual most of the time, but I like dressing up too. I never want to look like I got dressed in the dark or don't care about how I look. I want to be presentable and good looking. 

Sexuality: Unsure, probably bi

Hobbies: Sagging, General Fashion, Technology, Photography, Travelling, Music, 13 Reasons Why (the Netflix show) & Sports

Location: New Jersey, USA

Other: I usually sag jeans and joggers. How low I go depends on where I am. In public, I like to go around my butt, or on it. At home, I go all out and reach the bottom of my butt. I never go beneath my privates or to my thighs, and I never let my underwear show in public. Sagging is hot, fun and comfortable. 

You guys can remove my topic. . . https://www.saggerworld.com/topic/8559-hey-im-new-here/


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