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Guest Agent7

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Name: Ryan (Ry ry) Age: 17 Style: Casual, a bit skater, a bit hipster and sometimes a bit chavvy height: 5'10"?? weight: never really weigh myself but scrawny s

hahaha that is a very accurate picture of what I would look like in a mini right there šŸ¤£

Name: TomĀ  Age: 26 Height: 6'7"Ā  Style: Casual/SkateĀ  Sexuality: Gay Hobbies/Interests: Gaming (console), driving, sagging (obvs), trips away, love my work, TV Location:

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Guest theatergeek13

I'm not quite new, but never introduced meeself...sooooooo.....

Name: Josh

Age : 19

Height : 6'1

Weight : 150-155 lbs...I has a slim bulid despite this for the sheer fact that im a tall freak

Style : Whatever...lol I like stripes...I like black....I like pink AND black together...lol

Sexuality : Gay...except when it comes to Helena Bonham Carter

Hobbies : Theater, Writing, Kitties, Morbid stuff, Cuddling (^_^)....being Crazy Bwahahaha!

location : PA, United States

Nice to meet peoples....unless ur mean or rude to me...then it wouldn't be very pleasant at all and I shall hide O_O

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Lol hello ppl

Name: Marc

Age: 18

Height: 5"6

Weight: Dunno, but im not super skinner or super fat, just normal

Style: Just ya normal guy....slightly sporty.........a tad reserved

Sexulaity: Bi/Confused........ive been in a st8 relationship...but coming round to the idea of being Bi

Hobbies: Going out, Gaming, college is a laugh

Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

Lovely to meet ya all.......be nice to meh!

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Guest Bryson

Name: Bryson Paul Thomas Bearden

Age: 18

Height: 6'3

Weight: 147, Fit and buff(i geuss)

Style: Preppy Surfer style, anf hollister billibong etnies ae, stuff like that

Sexuality: Bi curious

Hobbies: sports, music, ps3 and xbox, MMORPG's

Location: Shockerville, Onatrio

I like to keep to myself, but im a very social person. I like all that sentimental bullS***, long walks on the beach, dinner for two in hawaii, expensive cars and watches, all that good stuff. Also I only like guys and girls that are hot!:P

Anyway, here's my myspace, never mind the age, its corrupted


Thanks Guys, I will post more often lol.

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Name: Lem

Age: 25

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 140

Style: Somewhere between hippy, preppy and skater depending on my mood.

Sexuality: Gay

Hobbies: Writing music (a lot), playing Wii, watching TV and mooning my friends (a lot) lol

Location: North Carolina, US

Nice to meet everyone!

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Guest cdnsagger

hey whats up everyone new to the site just wanted to introduce myself....names travis 23 m from canada. so yea hope to get to know ssome peeps online here talk to you all later

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Name: Dallas

Age: 19

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150

Style: A mix of preppy, skater, and occasionally urban - depends on the environment.

Sexuality: Not too sure...

Hobbies: Working on European cars (VW love!); being with my life support - my friends; listening to music; driving around aimlessly; running.

Location: Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada

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Guest chgojo420

29yo chicago gay 5foot9 155lbs preppy sagger (usually wear briefs here, not boxers) hobbies include checkin out other hot saggers, partyin, 420... hitme up dudes.. jagerbombs420 on yahoo messenger... have a webcam so we can check out each others sags..

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Name Jason-Just Joined!!!

age 29

weight 70kg

Aussie skaterboy(Bondi Beach,Sydney)

lean slim build-blode hair, blue eyes.


I luv guys, boxers, other skaters and surfers!!(gay or straight!!)

Hey guys!, Ive just rejoined this amazinly cool site again!-gonna be

cool to share and meet others!-It looks like a great, relaxed place to admire

the male body(always fun!) We have lots of really nice, hot guys over here too!-keen to get some pics and vids of me up later!-Im an out

there boy!-Jas.

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Guest pikeyboy

Name ; Tony

Age ; 29

Style ; casual , jeans , t-shirts

Hobbies ; Sagging Boys , Football , Music

Gay ;

Hi guys just found this place , looks good so far x

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Guest dutchsagger

name: chris or redhead

age: 35

height: 1.73 m

weight: about 58 kg

style: sk8er, baggy, sagger

hobbies: ****, too many... most important friends, hiphop, party

location: voorburg-den haag, netherlands.

would like to hook up with some cool dudes frm my area

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Guest BigMike513

Welcome, sabre! We welcome all here and are glad you enjoy the eye candy. Please drop by some of the forum topics and give us gay guys a woman's perspective, if you feel so inclined!

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Guest BigMike513

I have no problem whatsoever with your participation in the forums, sabre! The first person I came out to was a str8 female who remains a strong, valued friend to this day. If you read something that interests you and want to comment or offer advice, go for it! If anyone else has a problem with this, I hope they'll say something (nicely constructive) and not just post anonymous gripes.

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