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Guest Agent7

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Hi guys !

Here's a bit about me.

Name: Leif

Age : 19

Height : 6'1''

Weight : 147 lbs

Style : casual, T-shirt, jeans, briefs

Sexuality : Gay

Hobbies : guys, PC wargames, music, more guys, reading, history, knobbin' and being knobbed.

Location : Wales, UK


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Name: Ryan (Ry ry) Age: 17 Style: Casual, a bit skater, a bit hipster and sometimes a bit chavvy height: 5'10"?? weight: never really weigh myself but scrawny s

hahaha that is a very accurate picture of what I would look like in a mini right there šŸ¤£

Name: TomĀ  Age: 26 Height: 6'7"Ā  Style: Casual/SkateĀ  Sexuality: Gay Hobbies/Interests: Gaming (console), driving, sagging (obvs), trips away, love my work, TV Location:

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Hey, thought I would start posting here again. Kind of went away for no real reason! Some of you may remember me, some of you may not! Anyway, a lot has happened since I was last here. I now have a boyfriend which is the main thing, plus I came out to my family and that turned out great as well.

SO yeah, I'm fairly happy. Hope you lot are doing well.

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Name: Jonathan (but I prefer Jon or Jonny, Jonathans too formal :/)

Age: 18

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 12 stone (no clue what that is in lb D=)

Style: Boring T-shirts and Jeans ^^ (is that a style?)

Sexuality: Gay

Hobbies: Taekwondo, Reading

Location: Lancashire

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I don't think i said hi here :) i'm sorry

Name: Ben

Height: 6'

Weight: 12 stone

Style: classic, casual, skater (a formal mix, so to speak :D)

Sexuality: Bi

Hobbies: Working on my scooter (Kreidler Florett GT from 1968), working on my friend's car (VW Beetle from 1972), making model cars :) that's about it

Location: Netherlands :)

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Guest Shorts Lover

Hey. Just joined up to this great site and found this thread to say hi.

Name: Steve

Age : 32 but look about 18 .Lol

Height : about 6ft

Weight : around 11 stone

Style : casual but keep up with the latest trend.

Sexuality : Gay

Hobbies :Love my technology and gadgets. Bit of a tech geek you could say.

location : United Kingdom

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Name: Steven

Age: Late teensĀ 

Height: 6'2"

Weight :130lbs

Style :Skater/Preppy

Sexuality:Bi mostly gay

Hobbies: Sagging,Soccer, watching porn, Sex


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Been lurking around the gallery and forums for ages. Thought I'd finally post something! Hey guys!

Name: Rich

Age: 20

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 130lbs-ish

Style: Casual - favorite brand is FOX

Sexuality: Bi (in the closet)

Hobbies: Music (play piano, violin, and guitar), running/swimming, computer games, xbox

Location: Tennessee

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I'm not sure if i have done this already but here we go folks :)

Name: Lee

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 11 stone

Style: Skater, Sagger, Baggy, Skinny Jeans.

Sexuality: Gay

Hobbies: Art, Bowling, Jogging, Tennis, Pool/Snooker

Location: England

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I've pretty much just joined (though, I've been browsing the site for a while now) - figured this'd be a good place to introduce myself...

Name: Chaz

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: Around 8st

Style: Smart casual - mostly t-shirts, skinny jeans and cardigans

Sexuality: Gay

Hobbies: Movies, Computers, Photography, Videography, Comedy

Location: West England, UK

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Guest new3college

Name: Chris

Age : 19

Height : 5'11

Weight : 70kg

Style : Err... causual I guess??

Sexuality : Open

Hobbies : Being a student

Location : UK

I'm completely new to this so anyone has any feedback/comments/just say hi :)

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Guest UBCsagger

Name: Matt

Age: 19

Height: 6'1

Weight: 150

Style: Skater

Sexuality: bi, just like ******* anything haha

Hobbies: bball, boarding, chillin with friends

Locating: Canada

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Name: Michael

Age : mid 20's

Height : 6'2

Weight : average built

Style : indie

Sexuality : Bi

Hobbies : Multimedia Design, Resident Evil games, partying and drinking XD, staying in a watching a good horror/thriller/or action movie.

location : Australia

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