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Yeah I know Romuludo (Pierre) when he moved from France to Germany like god years ago!

He removed these off this profile ages ago but it's good to see they are still online somewhere! Love the sagging throughout of course!

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Guest blade

Seeing you guys posting videos here really depresses me, about 90% of the videos are either blocked for music or country reasons, F**** YOU TUBE! :cursing:

Basically that comes down to one thing.. Germany nearly blocks everything. And otherwise using a simple proxy could solve your issues.

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Youtube tends to block copyright material from most sources. This is a ***** when you're after a specific clip or something of interest.

You may get a clip appear on youtube and then that lasts 24hrs or so and suddenly it's gone forever. Youtube are mostly a great free web clip viewing site. The reception is ******* **** nearly 100% of the time in Wittering offcourse lol.

What i don't agree with is when these people think it's ok to erase your own vids when they're clearely acceptable. I believe youtube should learn some manners!

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