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Actually, I didn't know it was coming back till I saw the banner. And when I saw the banner I was clueless when it was actually coming.. So I agree with you on this one.

I'm soo chuffed sw tv is returning. Das ist sehr gut!! OMG to the green undies bulge sag pic in the banner. Is he a member of ours?

what happened to the site saggerworld.tv ???

Yeah Jace, Just look under the video and just above related videos. There you have in red "Comments" Click on that and then you can add any comments to the video.

hey thanx, Idk why I didnt see before :w00t:
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Hey guys....Can soe one tell me whats happened to Saggerworld.TV? i just went to go sign in to my profile and the domaine is not there...i have an account on there but it seems that the site has gone. Can any one shed some light on this please? I miss popping over their for a gander. I just went to sign into there about 10 minutes ago at 15.27pm UK time on Tuesday 14th July 2015. Incase any one wants to know when i went over there lol

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1 hour ago, BjornBorg1997 said:

It's look like saggerworld.tv is online.

Ran by you I guess? Or just some crazy coincidence that nobody has committed on this thread in 5 years and then you do within an hour window of the site being online again. 

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37 minutes ago, Prowler905 said:

i was a fan of Saggerworld TV back in the day

I was disappointed it got discontinued 

maybe its time to bring it back


It looks like someone already did... 😂

Though at a glance its just video links to porn websites where vids are uploaded. 

Tbh I can't even remember why it was discontinued the last time. Lack of interest maybe, running costs idk. 

There's no lack of places that people can upload videos to in 2020. So hosting our own and paying for server costs just isn't worth it. It would be a cost to run it, this forum just about gets by with Google ad revenue, but that wouldn't be allowed on an adult site. 

In 2020 there has been a HUGE spike in the number of onlyfans accounts. Instagram seems to be a constant promotion fest of such accounts. So normal sagging videos can just go on YouTube, but so much of the 'premium' (ie not just sagging) is now pay to see, so I'm not even sure how many people would upload to a "Saggerworld.tv"

My 2c...

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2 hours ago, Denimsag said:

so far there are 6 videos and half of them don't play.

OnlyFans is expensive- they charge in the uk even to see the free stuff.

I would just like to state that the "relaunch" of the website is nothing to do with us here and has been set up independently from this site.

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On 6/22/2020 at 8:51 PM, flameboard said:

I would just like to state that the "relaunch" of the website is nothing to do with us here and has been set up independently from this site.

Thx u for clarifying that 

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