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What do you sleep in at night?

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What do you sleep in?  

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  1. 1. What do you sleep in?

    • Boxers
    • Briefs
    • Boxer Briefs
    • Basket Ball Shorts
    • Other
    • Naked

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During summer I sleep with silky boxers and basketball shorts and on winter I sleep with cotton boxers and pj's. I sag the shorts/pj's below ass and always wake up with a raging hard on, so usually I

I get hard when I go shopping for new underwear especially for Boxer Shorts and Basketball shorts

The same here. I sleep in satin or silk fisherman's pants. However I do also love sleeping in bball shorts. Just getting erect and letting my c**k glide against the material is good enough to give me

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Always naked. But once when I stayed over night in a straight friend's flat I slept in his flatmat's bed (who was away for the weekend) I thought I should sleep in my boxers. Couldn't get to sleep though as it felt so unnatural. So I took them off and fell asleep. Some time during the night the smell of boy was too much. Major wet dream followed, complete with major stains on the flatmate's sheets! I never told anyone... I don't know what the flatmate thought when he got back...

hmmmmm Who's been sleeping in my bed?  Goldiboy, have you been bad?  Hey, Goldiboy!  Who you been doin in my bed?

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For one of my sleepovers, me and one of my best friends walked into the room where 20 of our favorite buddies were having a pillow fight.  We came from different directions into the room.  We were both naked.  Memories.



I've slept naked since I was twelve. It made for some fun sleepovers. ;-)

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I shared with two brothers, for a while.  I slept naked a lot, for most of the time we shared.


have to sleep in boxers coz i share my room with me younger bro but if hes at a sleep over or somethin like that then its naked all the way! :biggrin:

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