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Getting Stuffed At Christmas

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Sizzling hot thread bud lol. Well..... This xmas i plan to drink merry booze and stuff meself silly in that order haha.

On Sunday, my oldest bro is collecting me and we're driving through to both Peterborough & Huntingdon train stations. Then heading all the way back to Stamford later picking up me sister from her flat, before driving through to my mums in Upton.

I feel quite sorry for him because he's travelling down to London early on xmas eve. Poor fella! lol :P

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You sound like a proper male ***** mate haha. There's a lad but i don't wanna race into details just yet. My dad kinda invited him over ours..... ****.

My dad already pretty much knows i'm gay but i don't want to cause any further upset. I've still not even been confronted on the subject like!

I braced myself expecting the whole lecture but it didn't happen. Strange. He's too proud and moving on like everything is alright. It's called deluded and not accepting the facts. Atleast he didn't chuck me out atleast i suppose.

Oh well..... I can't help who i am :(

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Well my 3 sagger bros will hang the mistletoe over their candy cane between Dem legs and pop will do the honors like every Xmas and give the candy a good licking and instead of milk I get custom made sagger milk which warms me up Everytime I have to arrange it so I see each one of them at a separate time and yeah I do buy actual presents from new boxers,bb,skateboard,shoes,clothes and they actually do return the gift also with whatever they can afford I don't expect nothing I'm happy with the candy and milk maybe this year my stocking will get stuffed and filled hohoho

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