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What Are You Watching Right Now

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Like i said to me best mate. Life's too short! Scotty WHERE are the engines?!? Love this climax it still raises certain hairs    

Didn't watch the presidents speech. I'm just waiting for him to get his second Nobel Peace Prize. . I mean after all he's the teflon president. Nothing bad can happen to him, especially when he sp

Groundhog Day - Bill Murray at his best 🤣

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Thanks older sister & brothers for bestowing me on this gem 👌👇

Either that or Hellraiser... I'll settle for Scream lol. I have this soundtrack resonating in my head right now 😊




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2 hours ago, jonquestor said:

Stargate SG1. 

who’s hotter: Daniel or Jack?

Wasn't Daniel the one with the glasses? Not see Stargate SG-1 in years thanks. 

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3 hours ago, jonquestor said:

That’s correct. 

Yeah, I watch alot of Star Trek. I'm not a 'trekkie' but I love the stories bit like reading books. 

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On 1/25/2023 at 2:45 AM, Admiralolsen said:

The current season of Hell’s Kitchen. I love this show and Its awesome to watch Ramsey. 

Ramsey is the business.

I've been watching repeats of Restaurant Impossible on Food Network. Tanya Nayak, Robert Irvine's Designer is adorable. She's so lovely. 

Has anyone seen Four In A Bed? It's basically like Come Dine With Me.

Couples compete aka a pair, not necessarily involved. So they all stay at eachother's B&Bs/hotels throughout the week & rate them via a questionnaire on things such as personalities, guest experience, breakfast, rooms etc. 

All the couples reconvene at the end of the week (bit like a showdown) to discuss around the table the answered questionnaires on each visit.

Couple after couple reveal if the room was worth what it's charged at in cash from an envelope. Cue lots of tension & criticism. Many pay up in full but others underpay.

Ofcourse, the winners receive a trophy & cash prize. It's entertaining viewing. 


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On 2/17/2023 at 10:37 PM, DeusBex said:

Damn! Some of y'all like to watch really old stuff!

You seem to have alot of grievances. Chill ok! Thanks. 

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