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A Or B?

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I prefer sagging above my c*ck, since to some people I know, sagging makes you look like a slob (even though 99% of my highschool's male-student sag, even my bestfriends..) but I think I wanna have some decency, and I use my c*ck as a pants-keeper so my pants doesn't go all the way down. But I don't mind, I'm going to try once.. soonTM

Q: (don't blame me for this question, I'm curious.)
If you happen to go somewhere you deem important (ex job or something), and you're very determined to sag with your favorite outfit:
A: Will you hide your sag so people (including your boss) won't see it?
B: will you make your sag a masterpiece? (will you let it be seen by everyone?)
Think, think. :^)

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A (make it a masterpiece) it's difficult to sag if you're in a formal situation though when it would possibly be deemed inappropriate. Such as work, meeting, wedding, funeral etc. I think showing a glimpse of it wouldn't cause offence but not too much to make it awkward. What are your thoughts guys? 

Would you change the sag depending on what's going on around you?

Converse or Vans? 


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